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Retouched Images for Professional Photographer

January 10, 2018 ,

Australian Photo Editing Services

I have retouched images for professional photographers for years.  This is a recent retouch for a  photographer shooting an editorial style series.

These images came from a “Natural Light” photo shoot.  So no speed lights or artificial lighting.  This presents an issue for the lighting on the face of the subject that needed to be corrected.

The photographer was fine with me to colour grade and style the image as I wanted so I chose a couple of different options.  I didn’t go overboard with the skin as I find that a few imperfections make the subject look “realistically enhanced” and not “photoshopped” which they are but that’s another story. The first grade is in orange and green and the second is in fuschia and teal.

Additionally,  there were some liquifying, minor skin fixes, dodging and burning and other procedures to finish the final images.




First Image With Orange and Green Colour Grading


Second Image With Fuscia and Teal Colour Grading