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Boudoir Photograph Retouching

June 30, 2017 ,

This is a boudoir retouch for photographer in Melbourne that specialises in seductive style images.  The goal for me here is to enhance a woman’s natural features and not to distort them.  It has to look like her on the best day of her life!  This involves skin enhancement and colour correction based on a chromatic template that is determined before the retouch.   This is often set out be the photographer but sometimes the chromatic elements are not set out in which case it is my responsibility to harmonise colour that may be distracting in the original file.



Before & After Slider Below


This edit took about 45 minutes and the photographer was happy with the result.  He also stated that the Client/Model would be ecstatic the final image.  Good result all around and a fun image to work on.