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Fashion Photograph Retouching

June 30, 2017 ,


This is an image I retouched for a Photographer in Sydney. He takes care in all his shots and uses professional MUAs on his shoots which makes retouching quite a bit easier.

I liaise with the photographers before I retouch because every photographer has a different style and direction they want the image to go in.

some like their images very natural and subtle while others want their images to be heavily stylised.  As such it often takes a few images with a particular photographer before we are able to work together with little or no direction.

The important thing with retouching is to retain skin detail.  It is very easy to use automated measures to even out the skin tones but this almost always has the effect of removing or damaging the detail of the skin.


Often, with the web image, this is no concern because the image is too small for skin detail to be resolved but magazine spreads and large advertising images require this additional level of detail if the photographer’s image is to be shown in the best light.

Here are the before and after images.




There were stylistic additions added to this image to complete the image as shown above.