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Images for National Construction Supply Company

November 8, 2015 ,
temp fencing contractor stock image retouch

The Temporary Fence Shop or “TTFS” is a national construction company with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They produce temporary fence for the construction industry.me

They were looking for a Freelance Photographer in Perth to undertake retouching work for their images captured by other photographers in Melbourne.  This led to a request  to photograph and retouch images for use in advertising and online branding. The brief was to obtain certain “must have” shots. Close-ups of products, an erected fence and images to show clients that they could print anything on the fence cloth such as company logos, tag lines, contact info, etc.

We were  asked to capture all images in a day and one of the managers was kind enough to shuttle us to various locations in Perth where fencing was erected.



The issue was twofold.  The bright blues Perth skies and deep green foliage was going to play havoc with the colours within the website since the corporate colours were black and orange.  Moreover, that the printed cloth that we were meant to photograph was not erected on the fence panels.  With only a day to produce the images for the client, I proposed that I shoot what I had to work with, colour grade the image to blend in with the gritty desiderated colours of the site and digitally superimpose the cloth over the retouched construction scenes.  This would not only solve the color problems but it would also allow TTFS the flexibility of using alternate photos with digitally created printed fence panels for advertising going forward with minimal future outlay.  Additional work was required to remove a few overhead wires and ground foliage that would distract the viewer from the TTFS logo.


This is similar to a set of images I created for another company where the advertising backdrop was a street in  the Perth CBD.  To make a long story short, all the street sign text in the image was ripped and perspective corrected text overlays were provided in a layered PSD file after the retouchng.  The street names were then recreated as amusing quips that could then be edited by the Agencies graphic designers.  This added a bit of flexibility to the advertising campaign that the design team was pleased to exploit.