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Perth (MRA) Armidale Sienna Wood

June 15, 2015 ,

I was contacted by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) initially to produce images for web releases and press advertising relating to the developments they were involved with in Armidale and Sienna Wood.  The brief was open-ended and I was asked to produce images that would reflect the new vibrant lifestyle in these areas that was coming about as a result of the redevelopment.



Sienna Wood Sales Office

The resulting shoot provided over 100 images in high resolution 25mb jpeg files that were already post-processed and print ready.   I was not given direction as to the colour grading of the images and so the images were post-processed on an individual basis based on end-use versatility (vibrant / pop).


This is a typical “post processing” tweak of the Armidale Rail Station.  I always try to do as much as possible SOOC and so tried to capture the lens flare on the day rather than in post processing.  It saves time,  each is individual, and the colour typically works with the rest of the image.




This is typical of an image that I wanted for the Client that they did not specifically ask for but one that I thought would complement the brief.  I was finishing up on the last day and driving home when I noticed this tree a couple of block from where I was shooting.  The geometry of the image captured my eye.  As it turns out it featured on the MRA site.  This also occurred with a few images of native bush flowers I shot while in Sienna Wood and provided t the Client.  As a retoucher and compositor I appreciate the value of relevant images for inclusion in web or print based media so It was second nature to spend another 20 minutes obtaining these image.  These image were then used as text header backgrounds for their web pages.