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Photo Shoot – Car Care Clinic

June 30, 2017 ,

Thi was a shoot I was asked to do in Balcatta for a prominent auto mechanic.  They were having their website rebuilt and wanted to take their online imagery to the next level.  Sure, stock images of a carburettor or transmission are always available but what does a stock image shared with your competitors say about your business’s individual approach.  Not a lot really, and this is why many businesses are using custom professional images on their sites.


As always, lighting was an issue but with the right equipment and a few techniques, these obstacles were overcome and over 60 images were produced for the Client.


I have included a few of the images and a link to their new website below.  This is a shoot I was asked to do by the website developers.

Before and After




This was an easy shoot.  The premises was clean and organised, the boss and the staff were all very responsive to my ideas and requests (“Ok can you move here”. “Can you place your head this way”.  “Can you turn – I’m getting too much back” – Etc…).  I must say I really enjoy working for businesses like this and while many people are a bit on edge when the shoot begins, the shoot typically ends with a handshake and a laugh or two.  After all, we are all working for the same result – a professional business tool and the images to drive it.

Here is a link to the site and the images created.  In the end, the web developer and business owner were great to work with and think everyone was pleased with the images provided.