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Photography for Modeling Portfolio

April 5, 2018 ,

Professional Images for Perth Modelling Portfolios

Are you a local Perth model on the hunt for creative images for your portfolio in print or on web?  These are some of the results of a recent shoot with a local Perth Model.   Now we don’t ussually edit images to this degree for modelling portfolios but she had a stunning presence that supported this type of artistic interpretation.

The shoot lasted about 3 hours in-studio.  We went for 3 or 4 separate poses and setup resulting in the images below along with a few other more standard portfolio shots.  We shot and edited based on a few separate looks that were discussed proir to the shoot.



Model Portfolio Image 1 – Skin Bling

These a fair bit of retouching work on this image.  I retouched the skin colour but I try not to go with the fashion retouching style of making the texture of the skin completely even unless specifically asked to do so.  I think a few variances in the skin tones and texture tends to make the retouch more believable to me.   So here is the final result.  We added a vignette and brightened the image and modified the colour toning of the image slightly.


This image was shot at F5.6 using 4 mobile Speedlight with a 120cm octabox as a key light and two brollies.  The last light was used to reduce unwanted shadows.  This is what tends to take the time.  Everyone has different facial contours and features which cast a different shadow.  If you are using a 4 light system, you can readily modify the setup to get the lighting effect you want.




Retouched image of Model Shot in Perth Studio

Model Portfolio Image 2 – Blue Gradients

We shot Daisy side on for this image and I saw some great form with the lens I was using for her previous shots but I wanted her arms to be a little more exagerated so I switched to an ultra-wide lens to exagerate her extremities and really accentuate the vertical form.  Editing was undertaken  and sthe image was colour-toned in blue and orange.



Model Portfolio Image 3 – Big Fade

We shot Daisy again at about 50mm with a single octobox studio key light overhead.  I think this was a one light shot as I recall.    We wanted the model to blend into the background and edit the image in a fairly low key.  As a photographer, it is a joy to shoot a model with great instinct in front of the lens.  We shot all day tethered to a laptop and Daisy stated that it was a bonus to be able to see the images on the large screen as we shot as it helped to guide her posing on the day.




retouched-image-of perth-model-for-modelling-portfolio

Retouched image of Model Shot in Perth Studio




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