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Light-Hearted Brooklyn Bridge Composite

This is a composite of d images pieced together to create a light-hearted panorama of an "Average" day in New York. All images were shot on the same day within 5 or so blocks of the bride.

Elements Used to Create The Composite

The Composite

This composite used several images and background texture layer to create the final piece.  There was a fair amount of digital manipulation on the original image to change the colours and luminosity as well as harmonising the colour scheme.

Additional work was required to incorporate a number of elements such as shadows, flags and the like.  I have created composites for client’s  and it is important to note that this was intended for a digital magazine cover and have a humorous slant to it.





1. The girls

These girls were innocent bystanders that were dragged into the performance.  I thought they would add a little levity to the image.

2. Main Performer

I thought this guy would add some theatrics to the image and add to the “Carnival-like” atmosphere.

3. The Breakdancer

This guy was the youngest of the street performing trio and is now plying his wares happily and precariously on the top handrail of the bridge.