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Retouching for Professional Wedding Photographer

May 3, 2018 ,

Wedding Image Retouching for Other Photographer (Click above to Enlarge)

I have retouched images for professional photographers for years.  This is a retouch for another photographer.  This photographer was amazing.  He had incredible ideas for his images and shot a squillion shots a day for weddings and never wasted a shot.  I was always amazed that when he gave me the zip drives, all the shots were in sequence as he never had to delete images when he shot – Impressive!

Anyway – this is a Hero shot I did for him taken in a field just outside Perth.  This was basically a two-shot setup but the effect is quite dramatic consisting of a rim light from the back and main light of to camera left.  I wanted the light to seem to come from above rather than the left, the skies to be much more dramatic and the image to focus on the bride.  This meant that I needed to repaint the scene with light to create the effects I was after.


the first step was to remove all the street lights and telephone poles in the background as this image is on the fringe of suburbia.  The next thing to do was to change the colour of the image from a melancholy green hue to russets, indigos and mauves.




The shot was then colour graded and other treatments were added to create the final image.  I heard the bride was very happy with the result and I really enjoy working with this photographer.  Very creative!