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Shoot & Edit Image for Steel Website

May 3, 2018 ,

Single Day Shoot – Provide Image For New Website

I was asked by the MD of a local steel company ot shoot image for their new website.  The shot list consisted of;

  1. Headshots of some employees,
  2. The outside of the building
  3. sliders for the home page of the website
  4. product shots and loading/material handling operations.

I spoke with both the MD of the company first to find out the kind of shots they needed for their site.  I was informed of the nature of the shots required – they specific shots that he wanted to highlight the companies products.  We also spoke about the number of images and the scope of the project.

Next, I called up the web developer.  I asked about size and aspect ratios of the images required for the website.  I needed ot know the size of the main sliders on top of the main pages of their site as I would have ot provide images that fit these dimensions.  It is of n use ot the developer if she is setting out to fill a Revolution Slider with 600 x 1500 pixel slides if I shoot portrait images or if my images are not wide enough ot be cropped to fit.  This information inevitably affects my shooting style on the day and even the choice of lenses I use.

I often shoot industrial companies.  Industrial processes are not universally seen as aesthetically captivating.  I think it is here that sound retouching and editing has saved the day on so many occasions.  Take for instance the slider at the top of the page.


Here it is below with the before and after images ( below).  You can pull the middle bar left or right ot see the before and after.  Quite a difference.


As it turned out; two of the guys in the shot were going to be out in the afternoon so we needed to shoot in the morning.  The sign on the top right is actually located on the other side of the building.  This was shot and composited into the picture here.  As I walked out at the end of the day I noticed the sky was clear so I reshot the sky at the same angle with the same focal length so it looked natural when placed in the new photograph.  In post editing, I add a little warmth to the image to change the overcast feel of the image into a bright sunny day, added the sky, the signage and the left portion of the image to facilitate text in an advertisement at a later date.  Sometimes web developers do this type of this but many of my Clients are uploading images through a CMS without external assistance so having images in a web-based colour space and being provided templates such as this is something they find immensely helpful in their marketing.


In the end,  the company was provided with over 50 fully edited, high-resolution images in the Adobe1998 colour space for print-based marketing applications and a duplicate set of web-resolution images in the sRGB colour space for web-based marketing applications.